• 50%

    cutting time development

  • 1million

    Daily healthtech

  • 810tbytes

    of training data
    for our AI models

BARACODA TECH PLATFORM: The first full stack SaaS platform that power smart objects & apps with sofwtare & AI to help innovators focus on what matters most.

Whether we’re inventing on our own or collaborating with a major international brand, the Baracoda Tech Platform accelerates the process of building new connected products. Through a highly refined three-step process, we collect, analyze and display data in order to ideate and advance the future of Daily Healthtech. 

Our unique full stack approach sets us apart from every other company across the connected health value chain. 

Our library of tech assets, combined with our vast, collective expertise, can be used in various scenarios to design, develop, manufacture and distribute IoT ecosystems (from hardware to software) for corporate partners and our own internal projects (BBalance, BClean, BSkin,…). These ecosystems create new Daily Healthtech practices and impact health on a global scale.


1.Connect & collect

Our connectivity platform securely integrates advanced sensors to create new health indexes, and new connected objects:

Using connected sensors, AI and algorithms, we measure new indexes and gather data that will help us promote simple changes that impact behavior and daily practices in a major way. Our pressure mapping technology and pressure sensors in our BBalance matscale, for example, allow us to collect user data on body posture. Our Hum toothbrush uses another type of sensor and AI to track exactly how users brush their teeth and identity areas they miss on a regular basis (yet another new index).

Connecting the dots

Managing the device lifecycle for IoT devices is as complex as it is crucial to a product’s success. The complexity is even greater with Daily Healthtech products as they rely on a vast network of interconnected systems _ including the connection between the devices and mobile apps, watches and smart mirrors. As companies expand in China, they also need to support mini-programs on several platforms (WeChat or HiLink). These complexities require a specific distributed processing architecture.

Our connected sensors platform helps our clients connect the dots by :

  • Providing advanced end-to-end multi-topology connectivity management
  • Cutting development time by 50%
  • Providing comprehensive device lifecycle management
  • Ensuring compliance with data security and privacy regulations


Our data & AI platform designs and deploys new AI models for sensors and camera-based intelligence:

Once collected, we analyze and compute data in order to deploy new AI models for new sensors - in short, this step allows us to build an algorithm that enables us to actually use the data we collect. For every new index, we create a new algorithm. 

Our camera-based sensors software and AI goes beyond generic AI platforms

It is a framework made to streamline the generation of Daily Healthtech models through object recognition and tracking, skin analysis and routine tracking, handwashing tracking and facial recognition and mood detection. Our framework:

  • Cuts development time by 50%
  • Provides ready-to-use CV and AI models optimized for mobiles
  • Creates self-improving models
  • Ensures easy integration


Our user engagement & gamification platform helps safely engage and delight users:

Displaying the data gets the information back to users so they can benefit from it on a daily basis. For developers, how we display and communicate this data is incredibly important. Here, our software expertise, or how we display data via an app or a smart mirror screen, can make all the difference. 

From a user perspective, displaying data is the moment of little victories ౼ when they discover that their toothbrushing efficiency has jumped 70%; or their posture has balanced out; or they improved their overall body composition. When a product keeps users informed of their progress, it boosts engagement and has a significantly greater impact on daily behaviors.

Beyond connectivity issues, most IoT products fail because of poor user engagement. If it’s not driving lasting behavioral changes, engagement will drop and the product no matter how innovative will find itself at the bottom of the drawer.

The importance of play

Our connected toothbrushes, for example, address engagement through gamification. We motivate kids to keep up with proper oral health with interactive games and AR experiences and rewards to teach kids better behaviors and help adopt them on the long run. 

  • Our Game SDK helps third party game developers build new interactive experiences to engage kids.
  • Our gamification framework & rewards rules engine helps developers set up gamified experiences for new indexes to incentivize adult users to adopt better practices by rewarding them with points that can be redeemed in a digital shop.


Our engineers have an average of five to 15 years of experience in their chosen domain - including AI & Data Engineering, Embedded Software and Hardware, Back-end, Cloud Infrastructure & Security and Mobile App design & development etc. - and speak 15 different programming languages and frameworks. We work with innovative minds from around the world who choose to work with us because they, too, are inspired by our Daily Healthtech mission.

Olivier Giroud
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Our proprietary Tech Platform approach means that we work hand in hand with Baracoda Business Solutions and Baracoda Labs to increase the number of new Daily Healthtech products and practices.