• 60million

    people using
    our technology

  • +20%

    daily practice improvement
    in the 1st month

  • $504billion

    is the Global Digital Health
    Market value by 2025
    (Global Market Insights)

We build daily healthtech

In our industry, only 1% of groundbreaking ideas actually become successful products. The challenges are monumental and the competition is fierce. So why do we wake up every morning and choose to do what we do? Because we have the unique expertise and technical ability to impact health and wellbeing on a global scale.

Our vision extends far beyond simply designing smart objects - we create smart and enduring practices. Instead of inventing gadgets, we augment everyday objects to empower people to take preventative healthcare into their own hands and to remain engaged over the long term. Our connected devices and services have the potential to change the way people think about oral hygiene, skin health, weight, beauty and more

The bathroom is our playground

Our innovation strategy centers around the one space in our homes that is dedicated to preventative healthcare: the bathroom. In this space, we groom, we clean, we monitor, we beautify, we heal. With this in mind, Baracoda gives objects a new purpose. Our toothbrush teaches us how to brush efficiently and effectively, our matscale helps us find a healthy balance, our mirror becomes a gateway to e-wellness.

With our proprietary platform, technological expertise and complex algorithms, we're able to analyze and improve daily habits. These little changes in everyday practices can have a huge impact on health and wellbeing.

20 years of curated expertise

Over the past two decades we have been mastering technologies and skill sets across several domains all with the end goal of collecting, securing and learning from massive amounts of data. Each of these milestones pushed us towards the next and helped us construct our vision of Daily Healthtech.

Since 2000, our founders, Thomas Serval, Matthieu Delporte and Olivier Giroud, have been disrupting the tech world and carving out a place for Baracoda at the forefront of innovation in France and abroad. Our ambition and innovative spirit has opened the door to privileged partnerships with some of the world's leading companies.

First Bluetooth
barcode scanner

Using bluetooth technology
where it was never intended

First Bluetooth GPS

Our first foray
into behavioral tracking

IBM partnership
(IoT for Retail)

Out first corporate lab

First Co-browsing application
for Tele-medicine (Radiology)

A first step into
the healthcare universe

First French app (Radioline)
on the Apple App Store

Planting the French flag
in the big Apple

First factory

An industry rarity:
a true one stop shop
for connected devices

First connected toothbrush

Sparking simple changes
in daily practices

First camera based experience for toothbrushing

Adding a new building block to our unique tech platform

First toothbrush
with AI (CES Award)

Building a smarter toothbrush

First Connected mirror
(CES Award)

Solidifying our presence
in the bathroom with a new technological first

First Smart mirror providing daily monitoring (CES Award)

A new way to reflect
on our health

First matscale with footprint recognition (CES Award)

Weight is an index,
balance is the real purpose

First Skin analyzer through Camera and Smart mirror (CES Award)

Taking a closer look at skincare

First AI assistant integrated for daily health and hygiene prevention into a smart mirror (CES Award)

Preventative care
just got a lot smarter

...and beyond:
Baracoda will continue to usher in new preventative practices through daily objects