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We are innovators.
We are entrepreneurs.
We are creators
of daily healthtech
...and we’re on a mission
to change the world.

Our team is wildly diverse in every way - from their age, background and area of expertise. The mix of cultures within the company also ensures that our internal sounding board consists of vastly different views on health and medicine. While we take pride in this diversity, we all share one central belief: that technology plays an integral part in helping people be healthier and live better.

How we attract the best of the best

Every day, our people work hard to achieve this goal. When they join us, they’re not just signing up for a project, they’re joining our family. They join us because they want to be part of an adventure. Because they are drawn to our intrapreneur culture and our mission to bring Daily Healthtech to the masses. They join us because they too, see the value of hard work - and even find value in failure.

They join us because they want to work alongside and learn from the best - and they aspire to be the best. At Baracoda, we are deeply committed to excellence. We focus on recruiting hyper-engaged, innovative talent in every field to join our community of ardent technology buffs. In turn, we are committed to their continuous development. We take pride in creating an environment where talent, creativity and innovation are cherished. We work with each individual to design tailored talent plans; encourage independent learning and mentoring opportunities; break down internal barriers and embolden our team members or our talents to spend 20% of their time exploring other specialties; and host monthly brown bags where employees teach each other about their interests and passion projects.

Our team members are inspired by the challenge to contribute to and invent truly disruptive daily healthtech. This is why they join us, and also why they stay.

Partnering with the academic world

Looking to the next generation

Our in-house talent hails from all academic backgrounds including top universities across France and the world, like Ecole Polytechnique, Telecom Paristech and Stanford University, among many others. They serve as a bridge between Baracoda and future generations of bright tech minds in these institutions. Each year we welcome 20 eager interns and apprentices, with backgrounds in marketing, engineering, sales and HR, across our seven subsidiaries. Managers and employees alike are committed to supporting their development and empowering them on a daily basis and ultimately helping them kick off their professional careers. We train the talents of tomorrow - half of whom we recruit at the end of their studies.

Our values

  • 1.

    We provide a SAFE work environment in every respect

  • 2.

    We think SMART and focus on developing skills, talent and community learning

  • 3.

    We build long term, TRUSTWORTHY relationships with our employees and clients

  • 4.

    We focus on improving the EVERYDAY lives of our employees by providing a flexible work environment

  • 5.

    We are OPEN in every sense of the word: we are creative, international and inclusive

  • 6.

    We are not afraid to be truly DEMANDING in our recruitment and performance standards

  • 7.

    We keep it SIMPLE with an open door policy, limited hierarchy and transparency in all we do

  • 8.

    We remember to be PLAYFUL and integrate fun and collaboration whenever possible

  • 9.

    We focus on YOU, our talent and the true heart of our company

  • Our Executive Team

  • Thomas Serval

    Co-founder, Chairman & CEO

  • Olivier Giroud

    Co-founder, CTO & Head of Product & Technology

  • Matthieu Delporte

    Co-founder, COO & Managing Director

  • Sophie André

    Head of People

  • Jean-Marc Druesne


  • Aleksander Palka

    Alsoft Managing Director

  • Mickael Bouffaut

    Kaertech CEO

A place to grow:

Initially, I joined Baracoda and more specifically CareOS as an apprentice for my last study-year. I was curious by the cutting-edge technology the group had developed so far, including the smart mirror. It was a new world for me at that time. Now, I keep discovering new things and that motivates me everyday.

Marie Désert

Communications at Baracoda Group

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A place to grow:

I arrived at Baracoda as a versatile intern in charge of the creation of a product mock-up from a new idea. After 6 months, thanks to the help and advice of all the experts reunited in Baracoda, the result was a success at CES 2020. After having achieved my engineering degree, Baracoda decided to continue this project and gave me the chance of participating in the development. My daily work is to learn from experts and apply new skills on BBalance.

Gauthier de Rouzé

CTO at BBalance

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Open minds and open arms:

I do remember when I first started at Baracoda for my internship. It was a small "barber shop like" in Paris, rue de Turin, With only 2 people. I was excited to start working on an innovative new Bluetooth barcode reader, early 2000's. At the time BLuetooth was just starting! 5years later, I wanted to see how a big company is working thinking that having more resources and budgets was better. Now I'm back to Baracoda as I missed the startup feelings, innovations and the knowledge of how my work is useful and contribute to the success of the company. It is hard, but we can make Baracoda the best place and company. It's up to us.

Farid Benamrouche

CTO at CareOS

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Striving for excellence:

As patient zero of the Kolibree China team, I witnessed the rapid growth of our ecosystem built upon the core Baracoda IoT technologies which brought the vast Chinese consumers a suite of products that redefine daily healthcare.

Elliott Ye

Senior Architect & Manager at Kolibree

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Innovative corporate culture:

After spending many years researching and developing electronic products, I found at Baracoda/Kaertech the pleasure of designing healthtech products with a true spirit of innovation in an international group. I particularly enjoy working with passionate people who know how to work as a team. Our customers also appreciate dynamic and creative companies like Baracoda and this allows us to design and produce the objects of the future that will transform our daily lives. In this company, I always learn and transmit knowledge to others engineers.

Arnaud Le Mignon

VP of engineering at Kaertech

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Innovative corporate culture:

After my master in Entrepreneurship at HEC and Polytechnic in the bio entrepreneurs program I decided to start my professional adventure with CareOS, a Baracoda company. Since the first months, I have been exposed to the biggest international brands in Wellness and Beauty, developing very quickly my knowledge in the industry and my commercial skills. Less than a year later, I've been part of the product development team managing the user experience, and dealing with its software and hardware implications while developing a go-to-market strategy with major retailers in Europe and USA. After a year and a half in this company, I think I've acquired very fast a large set of business and tech skills!

Maria Tahri

Project manager at CareOS

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