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We bloom ideas
and incubate them
for our clients or ourselves

Innovation pipeline

  • 1.Pre-ideation vetting
    • Does it fit with our vision of Daily Healthtech?
    • Can we have impact on users’ daily practices ?
  • 2.Ideation phase (0-6 months)
    • Interview consumers to understand health and wellness needs and pain points related to certain practices.
    • Baracoda Labs identifies a new daily health index and begins to understand the fundamentals: How can we use our tech to measure each index on a daily basis?
  • 3.Prototyping phase (6-18 months)
    • Build tech supported by Baracoda Tech Platform (fast prototyping software with ALSOFT and hardware with KAERTECH)
    • Direct to consumers go to market to speed up product-market fit validation. Learn and iterate through our early access user community.
  • 4.Scaling phase
    • Grow 10x our team and our tech thanks to our user community.
    • Build corporate Labs.

3 pillars to make it real

We have industrialized our culture of innovation from ideation to scale to increase the number of successful new daily healthtech products and practices. This framework helps us share our innovation process internally and externally with our corporate partners. Our experts in Baracoda Labs work hand in hand with those in Baracoda Business Solutions and Baracoda Tech Platform.

Exploring new healthcare indexes

At Baracoda Labs, we incubate and accelerate ideas originating both internally and from our clients that generate new products and new indexes. For example, BBalance, a product of our Labs, reimagines the traditional scale while creating an entirely new index: body posture.

Tapping into the Baracoda Tech Platform talent pool, BLabs gains access to true experts in every field and forms small innovation teams dedicated to each project. These agile teams speed up the innovation process from ideation to scaling.

Building a full stack platform

Baracoda's Tech Platform is a Software & AI Framework as well as a set of libraries, which were developed based on our expertise in IoT, AI and Gamification. It bundles all our technology assets, algorithms and software accumulated over the past years, and shipped into millions of connected products.

The platform helps fastrack innovations and relies on 3 core pillars:

  • A Connectivity platform to securely integrate and design advanced sensors to create new health indexes, and new connected objects;
  • A Data & AI platform to design and deploy new AI models for sensors and camera-based intelligence;
  • A User Engagement & Gamification platform to help engage & delight users, impact their daily habits and drive long-term behavioral changes for better health.

Baracoda Labs and Baracoda Business Solutions rely on this single structured entity to handle every element of a project.

Take a deeper dive into our Tech & Stacks

Bundling tech expertise to meet client needs

Whether in a startup or a big group, the struggle to invent technology is complex, expensive and, by definition, takes our clients out of their comfort zone. The tech world evolves extremely quickly, making it next to impossible to master every aspect. This is where Baracoda Business Solutions comes in. We consult with our clients and bundle our existing tech and expertise to meet their specific needs. We give them access to the hardware and software power of the Baracoda Platform - where each of our engineers focus on being true experts in their given specialty - and we work with them to define the parameters of their own connected object.

Alsoft, our software company

Alsoft is our internal software powerhouse. The Poland-based software consultancy has been specialising in mobile and backend/frontend development since 2006. With a pointed expertise in iOS, Android, Python, HTML/CSS and JavaScript, including Node.js, Alsoft’s expert engineers help our clients implement software and choose the right platform or technology, depending on their needs and specifications.


Kaertech, our hardware company

Baracoda’s hardware expertise comes from our specialists in Kaertech, based in Paris, New York City, Hong Kong and Manila. Our combined expertise in electrical, mechanical and software engineering, system architecture and product definition helps startups and large corporations design innovative connected devices and services.

In 2011, we became a true one stop shop with the opening of our first product manufacturing facility in the Philippines. With our own state-of-the-art, medical grade production lines, our engineers can design devices from the concept phase through to industrialization. We provide turnkey solutions in hardware design and manufacturing, cloud-based services, mobile application development, procurement, logistics and support.